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Compound Interest Rate Calculator
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What is simple interest?

It is the rate of profit earned by the principal only during the investment period.

What is compound interest?

It is the rate that shows the return obtained as a result of the reinvestment of the profit earned by the principal during the investment period by adding to the principal. In other words, it is the return on profit.

How is the compound interest rate calculated?

It is calculated by the following formula.

[(Simple interest rate x number of days / 36500 + 1) 365 / number of days - 1] x 100

13 December 2023 term bond
Today: 1 March 2023
Days to Maturity: 287 days
Simple Interest Rate: 70.40%
Compound Interest Rate = [(70.40 x 287 / 36500 + 1)365 / 287 - 1] x 100 = 75.12